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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Heroes of Jakarta 2

In Jakarta, the sight of motorcycles on the road is like watching hordes of wildebeest running away from a pride of lions in Africa. They are massive in numbers, always in a hurry, will trample upon each other if necessary to save their individual sorry asses, and although this might sound a bit shallow, they look rotten UGLY. Unfortunately, this is caused by the flexibility of motorcycles in general compared to cars when being on the road. Due to its slim body and much smaller frame, a motorcycle can go through so many narrow streets and alleys to get to a particular destination, including the necessity to barge through a one-way street that's in between small houses. All the things that only hasty people in Jakarta could only dream to do when they're stuck inside their cars in a middle of a traffic jam.

Yes, indeed safety is NOT something that these motorcyclists are putting on top of their driving priority, but when desperation to keep one's job is CONSTANTLY on their minds, they really have no choice. This man, for example:Those are coconuts he's carrying on both sides of his motorcycle, and while he's nowhere near the most disturbing sight in the city, it just goes to show how much someone would sacrifice their safety just to get the simplest of things across a destination. He's not alone and he certainly would not be the last in Jakarta to establish such work ethics, and therefore, putting some of his egotistic approach to the streets aside, he is nevertheless another hero of this city.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Local Hot Mess 2

Ah, you'd think that boys would be more careful when it comes to choosing their jeans and how they would fit their lovehandles perfectly on place, eh? Y'know, especially after paying witness to too many asscracks display us girls been doing and everything.... right?

Apparently not.

Well, there's always them boxers covering up your butt cheeks, fellas.

- La Bitch-