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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Local Hot Mess 1

Really, is this a nouveau-aesthetic which just got recently discovered in the fashion industry? I know you have a fab body, woman, but no ass crack display known to man-unless we're going to a fetish discussion here-can be a delightful sight during lunchtime, in a hot city like Jakarta. I mean, you can't help but wonder some of the stuffs that pops outta your head when you see THIS:
"Does she clean it?"

"Does she wipe it only with tissues?"

"Is that dark spot some sort of daki' accumulation or..."

"I wonder how it smells..."

And before you know it, appetite is gone'th, and you're left with a bill of food you decided to ditch.


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jerks of Jakarta 1

Too peachy, ain't it? Look at how significantly all right it is to actually park one's car like this just exactly between the asphalt and the sidewalk for some people. It's just way intolerable at decency standards, and if I really don't give a rat's ass, I wouldn't even bother to put a block on his plate number. Let this be a lesson to every wannabe drivers out there, ok? If you CANNOT park your car correctly, DON'T drive. It's just useless and stupid, and chances are you're gonna get featured in a blog that makes fun of your dumb ass.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Last Minute Indonesians

Okay, there seems to be a trend going rupture inside the hearts and minds of generally most Indonesians out there. Despite the overwhelming strength of the desire to inhumanely elaborate all kinds of these "trends", a particular one stands out from the crowd the most. That is none other than the habit on extreme procrastination. Yes, it wouldn't be very us, if one doesn't suspend any completing activities until the very last day, hour, or minute of requested resolution. I'd have to say that it's an issue that I too, unfortunately carry around everywhere, but thank God NOT for my work ethics, even though I slacked off like a slug during college and university.

I've paid witness to the very example of this nonchalantly destructive attitude for the past couple of days, as hordes of company owners going head over heels in trouble as they had just found out that their postponing ways of adjusting their Article of Association to the latest Corporate Act threatens their companies' liability to operate. Whee. Fun.

Oh, and have I told you that it's also a pleasure to witness them being in total pwonage after their mediocre effort to blame my office for not reminding them to complete the adjustment? Seriously now, let's not be elementary students, shall we all? Were they expecting us to give each and every one of them a call to remind them of the each and every little things they need to do with their OWN company? Who died and made you Lord of Freebies?

It's not as if they have to do much to contemplate the late adjustments anyway. All they need to do is just fill some forms that already have a format of their own.