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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Local Hot Mess 1

Really, is this a nouveau-aesthetic which just got recently discovered in the fashion industry? I know you have a fab body, woman, but no ass crack display known to man-unless we're going to a fetish discussion here-can be a delightful sight during lunchtime, in a hot city like Jakarta. I mean, you can't help but wonder some of the stuffs that pops outta your head when you see THIS:
"Does she clean it?"

"Does she wipe it only with tissues?"

"Is that dark spot some sort of daki' accumulation or..."

"I wonder how it smells..."

And before you know it, appetite is gone'th, and you're left with a bill of food you decided to ditch.



Dog Bites Back said...

Oh my days, I hate seeing people's cracks.
I also get confused by women on TV talking about how men love seeing a thong popping out of the low-rise jeans. I really don't want to see anybody's embarrassing displays of biology in public, thanks.


Tev said...

LOL... thanks, P. Muchas appreciated.

nontasha said...

To have seen an extra obese Malay girl's crack (covered) with a petite barely there T-String (i guess she force that poor thing to fit her thigh) in a hot and humid Newton Circus, SG, while the stench of leftover seafood fills the air, just toooooo much experience i have encounter with people's crack!
But i wish i had my camera with me that day..