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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Revamped and Butchered


After nearing a year of slacking off the blog for various reasons, I decided to jump back in and pour my usual randomities again. Oh, oh, oh, (insert giggles) I Tweet now, you see? There, now you can all stalk me and ask for free muffins any time! For some reason, I feel rather weird on having to write a new blog entry while my husband is trying out his new set of BOSE speakers, blasting Culture Club's Greatest Hits in the middle of the night. I think I'm quite nearing the eagerness to yet again write about my dyslexically beloved Jakarta before images of men with curly hair and heavy dose of make up suddenly and (mind you) effectively bombarded my thoughts. Well, so much for focus. That last hour of my night class doesn't help me getting all my Gods of Literature get together either. If anything, I think they're somewhere playing some lame Javanese poker and picking their nose all throughout.

This is where things get rather whorish (as opposed to?)... For a brief, unimportant information, hubby and I just got back from a whole month trip to the Netherlands this June-July. I gotta say, it was one of the most pleasant experience I've ever encountered all my life. The addition of having people expecting me to get pregnant during our visit there is not one of those pleasantries, but let's not go into that.


Right, so I'm experiencing one of those Muslims-Gone-Wild area of my life where the taste of alcohols, pork and other black, forbidden matters gradually becoming dissolved between the linings of my principals. Yes, I have practice those which belong to an infidel's daily features, and surprisingly, am able to not get attached long to such lifestyle. I mean, what is it about pork, anyway? I have Muslims friends saying that it's "the meat of Heaven", or "melts in your mouth", or "The DIVINE White Meat" or whatever acclamation they could stupendously come up with.

Oh please.

They're not all that.

If anything, I HATE it. I think (and the hubby agrees) that it's one of the worse-tasting meat ever. What's so good about having left-over fat trails on the ceiling of your mouth, anyway? LAMB-meat FTW!

So okay, scratch that for being an extraordinary experience, we can move to les boozes. See, my father in law... made us think that this drink called Rosé or Rozé-wine was a substitute for water most of the time. I tell you, it's not exactly a disticntive type of drink, but I understand why it can be as addictive as, oh, I dunno, beer. Light texture, but earthy tone. Very well mix. Even the cheap ones are acceptable. Tee hee.

Oh, and the air, man. THE AIR. It's actually made from H2O.

You have to understand, this is an awe coming from a Jakartan whose lungs are daily showered with carbon-monoxide and all sorts of dust. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

(sighs) And here we are again. I have a night class full of red eyes, and for some reason, I've been making drool-islands a lot lately. It's not pretty. I wish my jaws weren't so loose, but that might be a compensation for being reputable at blowjobs. Ahahahahahaha.

Alright now, I'm hitting the sack. If hubby wants teh secks, I'll prolly have no choice.

Miss Pardon

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