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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Heroes of Jakarta 1

When you hear about security officers, of course, you immediately thought about men (and/or women) with particular uniforms and self-defense paraphernalia on their belts, and that they're always around certain places to give protection to the people there. Now, ever since the whole serial bombing incidents that's been happening over the last years in Jakarta (or specifically ANY high-profile cities in Indonesia), the security enhancements at mostly every department stores, malls, plazas, hotels, airports, apartments, real estate clusters, etc. had been on full steroid treatment.  The ones featured here are just an example of those brave guys who are willing to take the risk of getting blown by a bomb to reassure other people's safety:
So, next time they ask the permission to check your car, remember what they've put at stake, and be a nicer person in return...


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fadhli said...

i feel pitty to satpam or security personnel coz they must ensure people's safety around them, but their salary is low. with very high risk, they deserve better payment